Happy International 5 Line Poetry Month!

Today is May 1st and the start of the second annual International 5 Line Poetry Month. Ahem, as declared by me. I am a bit behind in my prep for this, but I hope you’ll join me anyway. The premise is simple: have fun writing 5-line poetry for one month, be it tanka, gogyohka/gogyoshi, limericks, cinquain, etc. (Read M. Kei’s thoughts on tanka/gogyohka/gogyoshi if you want to know more about those forms.) If you are on Twitter, tweet your poems with the tag #5lines. Post it on your blog or Facebook. Write it with chalk on the sidewalk. Just write. If you need some inspiration, check back on the blog for my weekly #5poem prompt.

Throughout the month, I’ll gather a collection of my favorite poems and share them in a showcase on my blog (crediting each author). I’ll be watching the #5lines tag on Twitter, but I know I won’t be able to catch everything. If there’s something particular you want me to consider, connect with me there, drop me a note in Facebook, leave me a note here on the blog, send me an email, waive your arms wildly…whatever works. I’ll consider your submissions (and I use that term rather loosely) through June 15. At the end of June, I’ll share the showcase.

Watch for more details here. And in the meantime, write those poems!

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  1. [...] Happy International 5 Line Poetry Month! [...]

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  2. LunaJune says:

    love all you do for this wonderful way to share :~) 

  3. I’ve attempted my first one! It’s on my blog. What a great way to start my writing week.

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