Mackerel Sky: A Silly Riff

October 9th, 2012

I don’t know why, but I’m tired of “mackerel sky” haiku. So just for fun I decided to do a little send-up. I invite you to play along, too. Give that fish a little poke and see what happens.

mackerel sky
it looks like
a fish

mackerel sky
the editor hires
a hitwoman

mackerel sky
two stones’ throws
of hip hop

mackerel sky
this couldn’t happen
in anime

mackerel sky
ripping off
her bodice

mackerel sky
how to riff
off chicken scratch

mackerel sky
insert cliché

mackerel sky
and cheese

2 Responses to “Mackerel Sky: A Silly Riff”

  1. adieu summer!
    we open the last tin
    of mackerel sky


  2. mackerel sky
    stinks up all the clouds
    phew  pu  (I'm not sure how to spell this sound)

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