#5Lines 2012 Showcase

June 24th, 2012

I came into tanka sideways and backwards, first learning about it from modern Japanese poets who were trying to escape from or move beyond the form with gogyohka and gogyoshi. Whatever you called it in English, I was in love with this short form poetry. So in 2011, I declared May to be International Five Line Poetry Month and encouraged people on Twitter to write and use #5lines to share their poetry. It was a success.

I was hoping that 2012 could be an even bigger year for #5lines, but in August, 2011, my second daughter was born. Being mom and full-time copywriter meant  that some of my poetry projects had to be set aside or scaled back. This year, I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to promote #5lines, but I still encouraged people all over the world to write. And I invited poets to submit their favorites so I could create this modest showcase.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort. Next year, I know we can do even more together!

~ Christina (Tina) Nguyen


The girl sews
dragonflies of reed skin
for boys
who know only things
of mud

~ ‏@Twaiku_Poetry


in the end
i could only eat of thin air
and two tumbling moons
as mars rusted
under my ivory feet

~ @HikiMadwoman


this night
with a thousand roads
all leading
to you

~ Aki Gibbons (@akigibbons)


of a
a yawn

~ Hemant Koki Sachdeva (@kokeesachdeva)


the wind
sings outside my window
as if it knows
my name

~ ‏@ClearlyMeLuise


the folded circus tent
of this night…
in my youth
I would try
to tame the stars

~ Liam Wilkinson (@ldwilkinson)


Broadway & 5th
we stretch the night
across a frame
and prime the air
for paint

~ Liam Wilkinson (@ldwilkinson)



~ Matt Quinn (@poemblaze)


even in this cast iron place
we look for star shine in coal
how low the ceilings
how wide the crumbling walls
down we go

~ T.J. Edge @ten_ten_ten


every breath
moving slowly
beneath the trees
we say farewell
sleeping in flowers

~ Steve Wilkinson (@SBW1963)


through drifts
of blossom
the fall
of spring

~ Peter Hughes (‏@sgwarnog)


Sleep eludes me
whiskey fails
talkback radio drones on and on
in a world of
empty, lonely people

~ Lesley Dewar (@NanaStories)


my fingers stain cresting waves
curling into them
water collapsing behind
i will never escape history

~ T.J. Edge (@ten_ten_ten)


The whisper of wrinkled
paper between her hands:
sixty miles out
the cellphone’s become
merely a fancy flashlight.

~ Peg Duthie (‏@Zirconium)


Pamela Babusci's Mother


how beautiful
my mother’s silhouette
against the spring window
finding out she was
pregnant with me

~ Pamela A. Babusci
(3 lights gallery, 2008, part of a photo-haiga/taiga showing a black & white photo of her mother )

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  1. What an honor to be included and what a joy to read all the others. Thank you for your labor of love.

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