A Handful of #5lines

May 14th, 2011

Here are a few of my recent #5lines poems.

cherry blossoms…
the breeze waits
until the apology
from my lips

(from Gogyohka Flash 11)

one blink
and the feather falls…
calls out
to the swallows

May morning
the sun pauses
for one moment
to kiss the golden face
of the dandelion

the gray
of this May Day
by the wind
in her hair

2 Responses to “A Handful of #5lines”

  1. A~Lotus says:

    All of these #5lines are beautiful, Tina! 🙂 Love them all!

  2. @CoyoteSings says:

    I am glad to see you deep in Spring. Excellent words.

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