#GPoem Week 20: A Selection of “Exile” Poems from Marousia

December 30th, 2010

I have put together my selection of exile Gpoems. It was a difficult job because there were so many excellent ones. Enjoy!


Home feels
strange after exile
so many things different
too many things
the same


I loved the simplicity and heartfelt truth in this. There is never any going back to the way things were before. Time and experience changes everything.

planet of exile
where prisoners are free
to roam
in harsh desert conditions
to start life anew


This gogyohka deals with an inconvenient truth. We do treat refugees with a distinct lack of compassion. The pain of exile is bad enough without being placed in a further exile from normal life.

brought the crows
out of exile?
the poet said,
“it was I”


This gogyohka made me smile. Crows are ambiguous, and often symbols of darkness in poems. The previous Gpoem word was “crow” and this poem was a tongue in cheek reference to those as well.

the crow knows
the garden of exile
and too,
the way to fly


This poem is a beautiful example of the community of poets on Twitter communicating obliquely through gogyohka. I could not resist this example.

forever in exile
neither here
or there
in time and space


I love the way this gogyohka creates a liminal space that reflects the exiled condition.

The dead
are stars
a black sky.


This minimalism and accessibility appeals to my aesthetic – there is so much said between the words.

on the carpet
zoo animals and dinosaurs
send cowboys and Indians
over the pillow hill
into exile


I laughed when I read this on my timeline. It reminded me of childhood and the games we used to play. I wanted to join in with the alliance of zoo animals and dinosaurs to return from exile and send the humans into exile.

from your world
I wander
through starry skies
night after long, long night


This gogyohka oozes with such a sweet melancholy. The meme of the eternal wanderer far from home resonates over the ages.

Close my eyes
fall away
return from
the exile of consciousness
into your arms.


Again minimalism drew my attention. This gogyohka has so many layers. I never tire of reading it for each time I find a new meaning.

Reason ruled; now
the heart stands speechless
unable to forget
all the long years
it lived in exile


I chose this because it is a lovely expression of the pain of the split between mind and body.

light the path
draw a bath
let me be
in exile
until I am missed


I read this beautifully simple gogyohka and empathised completely. It has a beautiful internal rhythm as an added bonus.

the homeless couple reads
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’
to the endless stars
and passing highway cars


The poignancy of this brought tears to my eyes. No one should be homeless at Christmas.

and free
(in exile)
to view
the electric fence


This worked like a Zen riddle for me. That’s why I chose it.

a tree


Again this has a distinct Zen quality. One can spend hours pondering the meanings it elicits.

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  2. A~Lotus says:

    Thank you, dear Tina, for the feature! It is much appreciated, and I am so touched and honored! 🙂 Happy new year to you!

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