#GPoem Week 18: A Selection of “Crow” Poems

December 29th, 2010

A few months back, I had the guts to ask an editor about a poem she rejected. Ahem, declined. It was a haiku about a crow. She said the poem was fine, but she was just overwhelmed with crow poems. I asked other poets on Twitter if they had encountered this sentiment.

I was surprised, nay, blown away by the response. How could it be?! Outrageous! Poets seem to love crows even if editors don’t. Thus my inspiration for “crow” as the word for #Gpoem week 18. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.

a crow
the language
of fire, lingo
I take notes

- @amanuel187

he tried
to tell me
not to walk
down that path
know it all crow

- @moonflowernco

if only
the crow
hadn’t left
his footprints
around my eyes

- @perlygates

bruised clouds
in the school bus
a crow rides

- @morganabag

in deep violet
the other side
of the moon
in a crow’s wing

- @CoyoteSings

tales of old
in the flap
of a crow’s

- @CasperMcFadden

black crow in
black sky
I read you
an omen
in braille

- @myearthgirl

I said
she said
we kept walking

- @wordblender

With grandfather’s
the old crow
finally flees


That icy slice
of leftover pumpkin pie
in the fridge
has your name on it

- @apwpoet

just above me
yet worlds
the light
in a crow’s eye

- @monkeywillow

with one flap
of her great wings
the crow
carries the snow blanket
across the field

- @TinaNguyen

Editors, beware. The crows are still flapping around out there. Just watch for the #theremustbecrowsinit tag. ;-)

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