#GPoem Week 13: A Selection of “Mask” Poems from Marousia

December 15th, 2010

Thank you for inviting me, Tina. Here are my selections.

From @_Monocle_

I never knew
if a sleeping face
was truly unmasked
or is sleep instead
the perfect disguise?

I chose this because it asks an elegant question: are we truly only ourselves when we are asleep? There is a delightful use of conceit in this poem. There are many layers to this gogyohka so simply expressed.

From @verdantcat

the eyes
windows to one’s soul
so I wear a mask
made of golden strands
and interlaced hands

I chose this because I could picture the mask. The poem draws on shared knowledge to create a beautiful image of a traditional mask.

From @_Monocle_

When you come
your last mask falls away
but I’m lust-blind
just when I have it
I miss my chance to see.

I choose this one for its simplicity about how lust can colour our perceptions and the almost lament that we can never experience anything totally.

From @AislingWeaver

My composure?
Naught by a mask.
Crawl in my skin,
feel my truth,
whisper me yours.

The phrase ‘naught by mask’ really appealed to me.

From @Aphrodite44

Shadow forced
into a prison built of masks
longing for release
and just one look
into my eyes

This is superbly crafted poem, which has a lovely self-reflexiveness.

From @mwwise

Holes for eyes
hole for mouth
holes for air
voids in the mask
of the uncommitted

This has a gothic quality; the image is horrifying and reminded me of T.S. Elliot’s The Hollow Men and also for the current obsession with zombies.

From @tinanguyen

the plum wine
the sake
the maiko’s mask
slips off

I love this because it evokes the homeland of this poetic form.

From @amoz1939

Laughing so hard
paper mask
fell off
twinkling smiling eyes

I chose this one for its sheer exuberance. It made me laugh.

From @LadyDarkrage

Feathers and leaves
velvet and satin ribbons
truth and lies
we all design the masks we wear
to hide from the world

I chose this because it conjures the image of a traditional mask.

In case you missed it, here are Tina’s selections again.

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