Gpoem: Weekly Gogyohka Prompt on Twitter

July 28th, 2010

If you’re a poet on Twitter, you probably know about #haikuthrowdown, #haikuchallenge, #haikuwordgame, and #theprompt. Well, why not something for gogyohka?

Enter #Gpoem: one word a week to inspire new gogyohka. Every Monday, I’ll toss out a new prompt. This week, our very first word is “fish” in honor of @ten_ten_ten, one of my favorite Twitter poets. So have at it! Extend it out to “fishing” or “fishy.” Chop it up into funny F I S H pieces. The most important thing is to just write and have fun. Follow the tag, tweet, and retweet!

Each Monday, I’ll post the word here if you need it. And you know where to find me in Twitter.

For now, I leave you with a fish gogyohka:

going fishing
to catch
the muse
in your words

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