The Gogparty Roundup

July 11th, 2010

Finally, my short roundup on the #gogparty that happened on July 1 and 2!

The night kicked off with a bang. Poets were clearly inspired by “summer” and “spirit,” There was rapid fire tweeting and retweeting, fueled by some prepared poems and some off-the-cuff entries. “Summer” was clearly the favorite theme, although “spirit” inspired its share of great gogyohka, too. Here are a few of my favorites:

summer stars
the holes
where winter

– @ten_ten_ten

that summer
mom sent us to Florida
so dad
could leave

– @haikunut
[This was a huge crowd favorite.]

Country roads
on hot tar
like bubble wrap

– @lippy73

Some poets fromĀ Gogyohka Junction were hoping that we could spread interest about this new form through this Twitter party. I think we definitely succeeded. I was really happy to meet a few new poets that night, and every day, you can find more great poetry on Twitter being tagged #gogyohka. Check it out for yourself.

During my time as host, I tracked around 60 poets tweeting and then around 70 after the whole party was over. A few people also messaged me through the night to tell me they were enjoying the show, so we had our share of secret admirers as well.

Around midnight, I was over my tweet limit and landed in Twitter jail. Not the ending I was expecting, but something I will have to plan for next time. Yes, there will be a next time! I’ll let you know when.

Thank you to all the poets who participated and made the event so much fun and so successful. Also, a huge thanks to Claire, @ThoseThr3Words. She kept the party flowing in the UK and beyond, despite struggling with the flu.

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